home: found this [ cheap shot prints ] 

home: found this [ cheap shot prints ] 

We must congratulate the folks at CheapShot for succeeding with their crowd funding to launch their creative (and wittily sarcastic) new print brand. Their prints (and cards) are on the surface a pretty mix of flora and typography with a meaningful quote but look a little closer and realise the amusing full design of the prints with their witty undertone cleverly and discreetly written behind the main quote.

It’s genius, well priced and perfect to adorn your walls. 

Head to their Instagram feed now to find out more! 

home: event [ sale at King & Mcgaw ] 

home: event [ sale at King & Mcgaw ] 

To update a room, to add more accessories to a ‘look’, to have a sentiment or motivation to see everyday, to see your favourite artist or even to inspire the kids; by adding prints and art work to your walls is a great way to improve an interior and personalise a room. 

We love King & Mcgaw for their huge range of styles, artists, words, designs and patterns, and when they have a sale option it’s got to be taken advantage of !

Head to there website now to get to have 25% off your shopping when you spend over £25. Use the discount code REVIVE25 at the checkout. 

home: found this [ typography prints ] 

home: found this [ typography prints ] 

Always popular and stylish for walls, typography and quote based prints work well as alternative art for the walls. It can create a modern, clean look which isn’t fussy for a room, as well as depending on the wording can be motivational or inspiring. 

We love the huge selection of prints at King&McGaw. It has an extensive range of styles and designs with great brands and artists on their books. The price range is broad from basic prints to more rarer designs. 

Search under ‘typography’ and ‘quotes’ and explore the range. 

home: trend [ Words & Pictures ] 

home: trend [ Words & Pictures ]  

We encouraged, we embraced and we excitedly bought the latest in technology. We made our lives easier with computers and emails, no longer needed seperate devices for photography, work, writing and tv (now all in the palm of our hand). We created minimal homes with hidden features and buttons to evolve and improve our habitat. 

Now we remember the joy of hand writing, handling printed matter, the emotion of an actual photograph in the hand, or on the wall, and the memory it evokes. We look to books and script, appreciating the written form and the ink from real letterpress printing. 

Bring this emotion and tactile quality back into the home with words and pictures. Use initials, words, quotes and poetry to demonstrate the household characters, lifestyle and personalise your home. In prints on the wall, home accessories, fabric design and even use greys and inky blues synonymous with print and type as the colour palette. 


1 Using initials in a wall display / where fonts become art 

2 Letter Ornament / George at Asda £10 

3 Create a gallery wall of artistic, eclectic, quirky family photography. Print your photos with Photobox 

4 Visit a professional photographer* for a family photo shoot. Make your family into a piece of photographic art [ photo  credit www.kristendukephotography.com

5 DIY typography cork board using paint and stencils 

6 Printed typographic fabric / Green Olive

7 Farrow & Ball No 253 Drawing Room Blue / from £39.50 

8 Superize a letter for a strong, bold statement look / contact a local carpenter for wood-cutting quotes and then finish and paint yourself 

9 Words make pictures in this 2012 film poster for Words starting Bradley Cooper / £8.99 Amazon 

*for great modern photography, we love RosewarneCox Photography based in Buckinghamshire, UK