home: follow friday [ Gayle

home: follow friday [ Gayle

For our Friday follow we can’t help but want to shout about one of our favourite print designers – Gayle Mansfield Designs

They say ;

Between us, we design wall art, planners and seasonal ranges, always with simplicity, humour and a bit of word play at the heart of our work.

95% of the design ideas come from my head and start their lives sketched out in a notebook, and the other 5% come from Steve’s head. The ideas are then worked up and brought to life by Steve.


home: favourite thing [ letter board ]

home: favourite thing [ letter board ]

Bring some fun into the home with this vintage-style letter board from Magpie. Use it for lists, memos, affirmations, quotes or messages.

Reduced from £45 down to an amazing £9!

They say;

Evoking memories of day past; browsing the menu in the local café, getting a trim at the barbers or checking forthcoming events at the village hall, our sign board is the perfect blank canvas to make messages for all occasions

home: found this [ prints ]

home: found this [ prints ]

A lovely discovery in this great little print shop – Little Dog Studio. A cool collection of prints both text and illustration based with prices from a super low £15! Whether it’s a quote to motivate you, an initial that’s personal or maybe something for the kids room, there’s something for everyone.

Have a browse of the Etsy shop and see what would be perfect for your home.

home: made [ concrete letters ]

home: made [ concrete letters ]

As we may have mentioned before we love concrete, its finish, its colour and there are so many creative ways to use it in the home. One fun idea we found is to use it to make 3D letters using a mould. Make words or use ititials to personalise a shelf in the home.

You can get hold of a cement mix easy enough from a DIY store and an alpahbet mould, we spotted some on amazon.co.uk.

Follow this tutorial from burkatron.com for how to do it.

home: favourite thing [ vintage sign letters ] 

home: favourite thing [ vintage sign letters ] 

Letter accessories are a great way to personalise your home with new and old type styles, available online, in stores and from markets. It’s a unique alternative to home accessories – looking good wall mounted, hanging on doors or standing on sideboards or shelving. 

We love these ‘individual black letters and numbers screened onto clear perspex with geometric detailing‘ sourced by Respect Your Elders and sold through Pedlars World (online) – £12 each. 

Explore vintage shops and antiques fairs to find discarded vintage fonts previously used for signage in pubs, shops, and other businesses. Ebay is also a great source for these. 

Spell out motivational words, names or statements or just choose single initials. 

home: featured [ Typo ]

home: featured [ Typo ]

It is already well established in it’s home country of Australia, but now Typo [ part of cotton:on group ] is dipping it’s toes in the UK.
Typo is full of fun homeware, accessories and stationary, with prints focused on typography – letters, phrases and quotes.
The online shop [ launched this month ] is full of quirky trend led gifts including letter light boxes, an array of pen / plant pots, some great storage and really cool stationary.
Typo is very well priced with a huge selection of products. With bricks and mortar stores planned in the UK it looks like it could be the next big thing – watch out tigerstores.co.uk.

home: made [ creating with text ] 

home: made [ creating with text ] 

Discovering TipJunkie was a good moment. A collated selection of DIY projects all designed with the typography fan in mind. 

From creating giant initials to hang on the wall to decoupage with book pages to word art, this feature has 16 projects to have a go at. 

Our favourite DIY is the printed letters or numbers on a cork board, as featured in last Friday’s trend post. Either freehand or with stencils, with emulsion paint and a brush or sponge, you can get creative with words, letters and numbers on a simple plain cork board (see bottom right in the picture). A good spray varnish finish will help to ensure your work lasts and won’t chip with the daily use. 

Home accessories and styling created with typography designs are the perfect way to personalise your home, whether it be the initials of the family hung on the wall, or the pages of your favourite book pasted onto the wall, a quote you love on a giant canvas, or even stencilled letters spelling out ‘welcome’ on a wooden hallway floor as you enter the house. 

home: made [ marquee light ]


home: made [ marquee light ]

Lights for our home come in all shapes and sizes. One particular trend that has taken off over the last couple of years is marquee style letter lights – solid letters filled with individual bulbs.
With versions popping up all over the internet and in homeware shops there are a lot to choose from, sometimes being quite pricey. Today we show you  how to make your own personaliased marquee lights at a fraction of the cost.

For the best effect and to create a sturdy light you will need to cut your letters or symbols out of wood [ jigsaw needed ]. Alternatively you can get hold of pre-cut versions online from sites including Amazon and Hobby Craft [ from £2 ].

We found two great tutorials at popsugar.com and Robesondesign.com