home: made [ wall hanging ] 

home: made [ wall hanging ] 

With wall hangings continuing to be a popular trend in homes and a DIY that is both satisfying and achievable, the latest tutorial from firm favourites, the A Beautiful Mess team, is a stunner. 

With a few simple materials and tools, available from hobby stores or online, this DIY results in a gorgeous wall hanging for any room. Vary the colours according to your interior and vary the size depending on your space. 

home: made [ wall storage ]

home: made [ wall storage ]

If you want a quick storage solution than this as simple as it gets. Using Ikea bed slats and some S hooks you can create a stylish wall hanging which can be used in any room to hold and store objects, stationary, accessories, kitchen utensils and more.

Use the slats to hang amongst other things pots, baskets and clips to bring interest and add practicality to a space.

See the full post on how to achieve this at ichdesigner.com

home: event [ macramé workshop ]

home: event [ macramé workshop ]

With the big comeback of macramé in the home continuing in 2017, now is a good time to try your hand and a new craft. Get along to a this great workshop where you will learn all the techniques for making your own wall hanging.

‘Isabella will talk you through step by step during the lesson. She will also bring various wall hanging samples that you can replicate or use as a base to create your own version. She has learnt and practice macramé, among other crafts, over the past year. She believes what you learn should be shared and is very excited to pass on these skills to other creators’

Run at various locations throughout london. Head to twome.co.uk to find your nearest venue. [ from £30 ]

home: favourite thing [ embroidered art ]

home: favourite thing [ embroidered art ]

We are loving the new arrivals at lukeartherwells.com,  especially this gorgeous trio of embroidered art. These geometric design wall hangings are embroidered onto strong paper, and framed between two wooden panels.

Group them together or split them onto different walls, either way they will bring style and interest to your home.

[ £28 ]


home: made [ scandi wall hanging ] 

home: made [ Scandi wall hanging ] 

Current trends mean there are many wall hangings to choose from from stores but to be able to make your own means you can colour match your room and size. 

We love A Beautiful Mess and they’ve come up with this super simple tutorial to make a gorgeous Scandi style hanging.

With a few materials, it’s a simple project with great results. 

Click here to start making your now 

home: trend [ wall hangings ] 

home: trend [ wall hanging ] 

1. Wall hanging from La Redoute, in room set up (featured this week on NICE PRICE) £89

2. Esther Pallett : made to order £40 Not On The Highstreet 

3. White Elkeland £94 Trouva 

Whether you choose to try creating your own or shop from the huge range available online (especially from Etsy); the wall hanging trend is huge. 

When colours and styles can be chosen to suit your interior, a wall hanging can add texture and a craft feel to a home. 

The workmanship and skill level can be so high in some of these fine works of craft but even the simple woven designs that novices can create can be beautiful and a great addition to a room styling. 

(found on Etsy)

For tutorials try :

HonestlyWTF or A Beautiful Mess